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Okay so I don't have a mohawk, but I've always loved it. Girls who actually do are sick.
Mm, I did liberty spikes for the first time today. And I'm thinking about cutting a hawk later this month.
But, my spikes kinda look fucked cause, the ends won't stay they sorta split, and i can't do the spike at the back/nape of my neck.
So If you guys have any tips, suggestions I'd greatly appreciate them before I commit to anything.

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Also, I've had some people tell me I wouldn't look good with one. Not that it really matters I'll do what I want but.
But I'd love some opinions.

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So this is my first post, and sadly I do not have a hawk, but I dierly want a deathhawk. But cannot find any good photos of them, would any of you happen to have any? Thank you a ton if you do. :)
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'Lo I'm new. Not just new to the commune but new to the whole hawk thing. I've loved the idea for years but my mom's not really into the whole goth punk thing... SO with my 18th fast approaching I was curious...

What are your tips for a first time 'hawker? I know I want it thick and a bit lengthy. Youtube has alot of vids but, with my hair history it's kinda scarey x3.